IBLA comprises of a Research Library for university lecturers, researchers and students. IBLA has a Youth Space which is equipped with a library for junior secondary school students and high school students from within the area. In addition, IBLA has the IBLA Review, with 224 published issues (this number was noted down in February 2020). IBLA regularly consults its readers (of the two libraries and the ones of the review).

Concerning the library for high school students, students always come to look for a peaceful place from which they can read, study and also be helped in their studies.Researchers on the other hand, consider very positively the reception they receive in the research library as well as the computerised file system put in place. They mainly enjoy reading books and magazines in French and Arabic languages. As for the review, IBLA is no exception and therefore, reviews and chronicles seem to be the most appreciated topics.

Through its existence and activities, IBLA has been able to contribute modestly in strengthening intercultural openness between its readers and friends. Respecting,esteeming and promoting the culture of the other without bias has led to mutual appreciation. The mentioned aspects have also led to the praxis of intercultural and
inter-religious dialogue. They have as well led us to an intimate conviction that the path which God lays before us, we pass through it by walking firmly, and we do it
“together.” In this sense, IBLA is an arena of mutual freedom, respect and truth that are very demanding above all for those who collaborate with us. IBLA welcomes this requirement as a service where all, regardless of their country, culture and religion, are equal ‘actors’ and ‘receivers’.